Former Philips company Anteryon, which develops lenses, lasers and other optical systems, has been acquired by Chinese Jingfang Optotelectronics (WLOPT).

Jingfang Optotelectronics of Suzhou announces the acquisition of the company at the Brainport Industries Campus together with investor Beauchamp Beheer. With the takeover, WLOPT expects to grow considerably. Anteryon gives the Chinese company access to key technology for the development of large volumes of optical systems for consumer electronics, such as 3D scanners and fingerprint sensors for smartphones. It also involves headlight technology in cars that is becoming increasingly complex. Topman Wang Wei says in a press release that his company sees many growth opportunities in the areas of IoT, 3D scanners and AI as a result of the acquisition.

The Eindhoven-based company has about 200 employees. In 2006 it split from Philips, then they made lenses and other optical systems for CD and DVD players. Nowadays Anteryon mainly makes optical systems for the industry. For accurate measurement of land, the freshness of fruit and vegetables, medical needles for tissue research or as a tool for ophthalmologists. Anteryon also supplies precision glass and sensors for the ASML machines. With their technology, they are able to make lenses smaller than 1mm and glass can be processed in cleanrooms to a maximum of a one-tenth micron (1mm is 1000 micron). On the campus, the company has an R&D department with about 35 employees.

Gert-Jan Bloks, CEO of Anteryon says in the same message that he is excited with the vision and innovative power of the new partner.

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