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ASML heeft in het tweede kwartaal een omzet van 1,7 miljard geboekt; een rendement van 42,6%. Voor het komende kwartaal zal dat nog iets gaan stijgen, zo verwacht de Veldhovense chipmachinemaker. Ook voor heel 2016 is ASML optimistisch: dat zou wel eens een verbetering van het resultaat van recordjaar 2015 kunnen gaan opleveren.

Er werden vier EUV-machines besteld, het paradepaardje van ASML. De totale orderportefeuille staat nu op 3,3 miljard euro.

Bekijk hier het video-interview met CEO Peter Wennink over het tweede kwartaal

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CEO Peter Wennink is zeer te spreken over de prestaties van zijn bedrijf. “Our business continues to perform well. We recorded second-quarter orders of EUR 1.6 billion and posted net sales of over EUR 1.7 billion. System sales were weighted towards logic customers, supporting the initial ramp of the 10 nanometer node. System sales to memory customers remained healthy, as manufacturers continued their technology investments in DRAM and added capacity for 3D NAND. Our second-quarter net sales included around EUR 100 million in partial revenue recognition for two NXE:3350B EUV systems, which we had shipped in the fourth quarter of 2015. Confirming our previous statements on overall business trends, we now expect our full-year 2016 sales to exceed our 2015 record year. The ultimate level will depend on the timing of our EUV revenue recognition and the size of the combined 10/7 nanometer node ramp,” ASML President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Wennink said.

Nieuwe EUV orders

“We took new orders for four EUV systems from foundry and memory customers, bringing our backlog to 10 units worth about EUR 1 billion. These systems are intended for volume manufacturing sites. We expect to take additional orders in the second half of this year,” Wennink said.


“We announced our plans to acquire Hermes Microvision, Inc., to enhance our Holistic Lithography offering and thereby address the challenges chip makers are facing as they enter sub-10 nanometer resolutions and 3D integration. On 4 July we issued two bonds totaling EUR 1.5 billion that are intended to partially fund this acquisition.”