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Company visits to Philips, ASML, Holst Centre & Solliance, Food Tech Brainport and Huijbregts Group, but also demos at the TU/e. And meanwhile not only learn a lot from those high-tech companies and institutions, but also from each other. And in between find time for fun together, for example with bowling and archery or an evening of Virtual Reality gaming at Enversed, Europe’s largest Virtual Reality Center in the Veemgebouw on Strijp-S. For the third year in a row, the Young Brainport Summer School – with 38 young talents from 22 different countries this time – travels through the region for a week.

The aim of the week is to give these 15- to 18-year-old top talents a life-changing experience so that they remain connected to Brainport Eindhoven as motivated ambassadors. Most of them arrived on Saturday, yesterday there was time to get acquainted, today is their first real working day.

An impression of last year:

Renowned professors and representatives from the business community and knowledge institutions take these young people into the world of new technologies. They receive lectures, workshops, demonstrations and challenging assignments. It is also the intention that they gradually get to know the region a little better, so that when they return home next week to Canada, Korea, Spain or anywhere else, they can tell us all about it.

“This is how the region achieves the new growth needed for the future,” says Yvonne van Hest, programme manager at Brainport Development. “Due to the shortage on the technological labour market, many companies in Brainport Eindhoven have a shortage of well-trained personnel. That is why there is an important task to realise the largest possible talent pool of students from the Netherlands and abroad. The Young Brainport Summer School is one of the ways to fill that talent pool.”

At the end of the week, all participants will receive a certificate.

Brainport Summer School

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