Foto: Bram Saeys; Brainport Dutch Technology Week 2015; 4-6-2015; Quiznight XL Klokgebouw
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Music and entertainment are not the specialty of the team “Limited by Experience” (Beperkt Door Ervaring). Fortunately, that’s not what last year’s Quiz Night XL was about. That might have been the main reason why Joost Rooze and his team won the quiz.

dtwE52 publishes a series of articles in preparation for the Dutch Technology Week (23-29 May). This is the eigth part. Here the earlier parts.


Rooze’s team is made up of friends who met at the university and at fencing. Two years ago they debuted at the Quiz Night XL. “At ASML, where I work, they did a lot of advertising, and then I asked other friends to join in,” he says. They don’t spend time preparing for the quiz, they just meet each other for dinner before the quiz. “There we are discussing anything and everything, but actually we hardly talk about the quiz. During such a dinner we got ourselves the name “Limited by Experience.”

The dinner talk at some point got to Rooze’s son. He told his team mates that the little boy had once told him that he had “fallen awake”. Rooze was impressed by this way of saying what was in his mind, so he enthusiastically told his fiends.”But they didn’t get it, they didn’t find it funny at all, just because it was technically wrong. Then I said they were just limited by their experience. So ultimately that became our team name.”


They won last year’s edition, but that was mainly because the questions suited them perfectly, Rooze admits. “Two years ago there was a round where you had to gamble and there were questions with music. We were not very good at that, to say the least.”

One question from last year’s quiz Rooze still remembers very well. “They showed a tiny detail of some sort of material, and then the question was, what substance it was. We then concluded that two possible answers could not really be true. The simple fact that those substances were awfully toxic meant that they wouldn’t have had a license to show them. So that left only two other possible answers.”


The biggest fun of quiz night, according to Rooze, are the endless discussions around the questions. Whether you win or lose, that’s always good. “One of last year’s questions, for example, was about the direction a spool runs when you pull the string. Not a very difficult one, but the rest of the round we talked about that question.”

Although they are last year’s winners, Limited by Experience has no plans for preparations for this year’s edition. Rooze: “I don’t think you can prepare for a quiz. Like the other two editions, we’ll just see what happens.”

Quiz Night XL will be held on Thursday, May 26, in the Klokgebouw and is accessible only to participants who have registered in advance. You can register here.