On XL Day the CEO of Hugsy Sylvie Claes, pitched their start-up which provides “the baby with the best possible start in life.” Hugsy is a comforting solution designed to enhance bonding between parents and their premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

With Hugs, babies – prematurely and healthy born alike, cry 25% less than babies without Hugsy. Also, recently a mother who had just given birth to a baby asked for Hugsy by name. “We want to give babies the best possible start in life!”, Claes reiterated.

Four hospitals in the Netherlands are already cooperating with health trials with Hugsy. Their results will be soon published in a medical journal later this year.

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The team of Hugsy is going to launch their sales this month and they are continuing with their health trials.

They have already gathered 60 000 euro but they still need 30 000 euro.

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