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HighTechXL has raised the bar to wanting to manage 1.000 teams by 2020. Guus Frericks has announced that at XL Day on Thursday.

In an earlier interview, Frericks said they will manage a 165 teams in 2017. “After evaluating this, we saw that we were wrong. In fact, we will manage 181 teams in 2017. If you look at the way we have scaled up, from 60 teams in 2016. To 165 in 2017, I think we can push through to 1000 by 2020.”

HighTechXL’s growth is mainly due to partnering up with companies like Philips, FEY and ABN Amro. After hosting several in-house programs with these partners the accelerator program grew in numbers. After expanding his team, from 7 members at the start of 2016, to 30 at the start of 2017. The High Tech Campus-based accelerator shows no plans of stopping.

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