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Everybody will have noticed by now: Eindhoven has once again become the home to the Dutch Design Week (DDW), this year based on the theme: ‘What if…’. In addition to a new website, DDW is also launching an app that visitors can use as a virtual guide. Thanks to Beacon technology, during the course of the event, it is possible to receive real time information as notifications. These will for example tell visitors precisely where they are, as well as giving details of activities and possible routes to follow. The demo video (see below) provides a clear idea of the various functions of the app.

Users of the app can access information during the event. Using an advanced search function, items can be filtered according to search term, area, event, design discipline, theme, day and time. It is also possible to mark out routes and bookmark various locations, to help you easily find your way during the DDW.

Visitors can also get on the spot route guidance from the app. The ‘happening now’ button tells you what is due to happen over the next 2  hours. By pressing the ‘Around me’ button, users can view the activities in a radius of 2 to 3 km from their current location.

The ‘What if generator’

e52 generator‘What if…’ is the question that gives birth to creativity and innovation. To respond to this year’s theme, a ‘What if generator’ has been built into the app. This generator enables you to develop your own questions, entirely in line with DDW 2015. The resultant posters can then be shared via a variety of social media channels.

The app was developed on behalf of Dutch Design Week. Technical realisation for the app was at Proxible. Eindhoven365 developed the interactive design on the basis of the design and campaign concept from Fabrique and the website interface developed by Freshheads.

The app is available in iTunes and Play Store.