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On October 19, the High Tech Campus Conference Center is the place for the Eindhoven Premiere of Werner Herzog’s documentary “Lo and Behold“. It’s the first event in a series with the name “Views & Voices”.

Thibaut Decré explains: “Acting on the ever-present need to get intellectually stimulated and express your opinion, Views&Voices wants to bring a new kind of networking event to the HTC: Viewing an interesting topic and voicing your thoughts on the matter.”

Herzogs movie about the societal complexities of the internet is the kick-off of the series. “The topic that concerns our immediate future, the internet, will be approached in an interactive way. After the viewing the movie we invite you to voice your views around a drink. We’re aiming to join the many existing communities on and around the campus by discussing various interesting topics like this. We hope to see you there and hear your input on the matter to make the pilot a success.”

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