© Bram Saeys; Nederland, Eindhoven, 16-5-2018Presentatie VDL en DAF Trucks van de eerste DAF CF Electric vrachtwagen; VDL E-Power. Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat onthuldigt samen met Willem van der Leeegte (VDL) en Preston Feight (DAF) het eerste model aan de pers op Strijp-S in het Klokgebouw en het Ketelhuisplein
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VDL Groep and DAF Trucks have today presented a fully electric truck. The first copies of the DAF CF Electric VDL E-Power, as the e-truck is officially called, will be delivered to customers this year. The e-truck is intended for inner-city distribution and has an action radius of approximately 100 kilometres. Fast interim charging takes place within thirty minutes, full charging takes an hour and a half.

This Eindhoven collaboration is a logical one, according to VDL. DAF provides the cab and chassis, while VDL provides the truck’s electric drive. Willem van der Leegte, VDL Groep’s CEO, is proud of the collaboration: “This e-truck is an award for 65 years of cooperation between DAF and VDL Groep. This is a combination of forces between two Eindhoven companies where on the one hand, a strong basis and solidity and on the other hand, high-quality innovation excel. Our e-truck offers the world progress in making goods transport more sustainable.”

Preston Feight, President DAF Trucks, is also enthusiastic about the collaboration: “DAF Trucks is delighted to work with the VDL Groep to develop joint leading solutions for electric commercial vehicles. VDL Groep has an excellent track record in the design and production of electric powertrains for public transport applications. These powertrains are very suitable for trucks used in urban distribution.”

The presentation of the e-truck took place in the presence of Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen. “An innovation such as the e-truck is important in several respects,” says Van Nieuwenhuizen. “The vehicle provides cleaner air and less noise. It also proves that green investments are a job engine. My aim in the coming years is to further strengthen the strength of our transport sector. A development like this fits in seamlessly with this.”