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VanBerlo’s Design Engineer Martijn Baller and CTO Eric van Dorst are visiting the CES in Las Vegas this week. In a daily diary they share their vision on what they witness at the world’s biggest gathering place of innovative products with us. Today: part 3. (you can find the whole series here)

After three days of the American style we got more into health and sport devices. It’s big at CES. We could find numerous devices that look a bit like FitBit. Most of the carried accelerometers combined with a BLE. Even Swarovski has an activity tracker. Some of them go a bit further in getting your heartbeat or even body properties.

Withings presented their new thermometer which is put on the temple of your head and still awaits FDA approval. Of course many of the sensors are available in all sorts of wearables, jackets, wristbands and jewelry. At Wonderwoof the same health device is available for your … dog!

The health/sports smart watches like the new Blaze from Fitbit and the offerings from TomTom seemed to be a better companion than the current offering from the telecom giants. Serving more of a purpose in a slimmer package.

Wireless speakers are so hot, we really had to cool down at B&O listening in a private session to their new super speaker Beolab 90. This was bit more sound than all the overpowered wireless speakers and soundbars. Creative Labs showed really off with getting a lot of noise from an incredible small speaker. Sennnheiser team up with musician Neil Young and his company PonoMusic (still there?), so your “Heart of Gold” can sound pure again. And also LG had some really amazing headphone cobranded with Harmon Kardon.

Bigger, bigger we found a drone suitable to carry one person. Ehang showed us a future where we could go to our destination with reliable technology. There was also a hybrid fixed wing drone suitable for a small package of humanitarian aid. Nothing however compares to the work on Wings for Aid.

IMG_2849We try to look for a more understandable robot offering. We found a robot that had a battery operated beamer. We found a nice Meccano construction set, a raptor at WowWee and a building set at Makewonder. Even a big industrial robot from Bosch that had a hard time in serving coffee. At Mother and Peanuts we saw a nice Barbapappa revival helping elderly with staying healthy and safe. Peanuts is in this case their internet of things sensor family for the rest of the population.

We can confirm the personal computer age is over, we had to go to private sessions like the one of MSI to get the smell of Gigaherz speed again. In the main hall they forgot the accessory industry to tell it’s all over. Of course at Computex the world will look slightly different.

Our highlight of the day was the view of Las Vegas from the 350 meter high Stratosphere. In the end we were at the top of the world. Unfortunately we missed the Faraday Car, it was hard to find, please check it on the internet.

Tomorrow we fly home and write our conclusions from the trip.