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VanBerlo’s Design Engineer Martijn Baller and CTO Eric van Dorst are visiting the CES in Las Vegas this week. In a daily diary they share their vision on what they witness at the world’s biggest gathering place of innovative products with us. Today: part 1. (you can find the whole series here)

We landed in Las Vegas not knowing what to expect from this year’s CES! We’ve taken a look around and can already tell that we’re in for an amazing journey! To keep you updated on what the future of technology will look like, we will make a diary. So, here we go!

Big, bigger biggest is one of the central themes in on the CES, fitting nicely with the Vegas atmosphere. The word eco-friendly is pretty much hidden at CES. Today we looked at the car industry and noticed that a lot of parties have entered this game. NVIDIA as a computer component supplier had a rebirth in autonomous driving. Qualcomm as a chip manufacturer want to drive your car as well. Ericsson is working with Volvo on storing data while driving. Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota, Kia and others showed their vision.

We also noticed a lot of demonstrators on new technology. Some scored on the looks, others on technology, some were even user-friendly. A combination seems to be very hard. Our friends of Valeo made a brave attempt. We saw plenty of displays. Looking at the screens, HDR is more relevant than 8K resolution. Transparent OLED is cool and partook in a lot of demonstrations, but alas it is not yet ready for the market.

We looked a bit into Home automation. Still a battle on standards. We have to add a new wireless technology to our line namely Z-Wave (Zigbee look-a-like). We noticed our robot vacuum cleaner needs an update already. Even the classic belt for your costume can get smart. Lovely to notice if you suddenly became fat. At 4Moms we saw a nice Child Restrain System with motorized levelling and app. Highlight of today however, was definitely the LG booth (they are huge, with a great portfolio) and the transparent LCD in the bookshelf with a very good contrast.

Stay tuned for more updates on CES 2016!