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Utomik, the unlimited play PC gaming subscription, officially launches today. With this step, Utomik is officially out of beta, a situation that already existed since the initial launch in March of 2016. Utomik was founded in Eindhoven in 2014. It won E52’s Gerard & Anton Award in 2015.

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“We have grown from an independent startup with no industry support to having a library of over 750+ games and 100+ publishing partners in a little over 2 years”, a spokesperson for Utomik says. “That support includes Warner Bros. Games, Disney, SEGA, THQ Nordic, Epic Games, Curve Digital, IO Interactive and many more. This is more than any other subscription gaming platform out there and it is just the beginning.”

Founded by a small team of dedicated Dutch gamers, Utomik is a pioneering startup with offices in Eindhoven and Los Angeles. It was one of the first subscription-based gaming platforms to hit the market. “As we have now officially launched, users get unlimited access to play over 750+ games for $6.99 USD a month or $9.99 USD a month for a four-person Family Plan.”

Utomik’s smart download technology ensures playing games instantly with the click of a button. “Instead of streaming games from a server, Utomik users download a small part to their own PC. The rest downloads to your PC while you play. This technology has continued to improve greatly over the years, ensuring the fastest and best possible gaming experience.”