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The US company Thermodata recently relocated its headquarters from the US to Eindhoven. The company offers a precise temperature monitoring subscription service and develops temperature loggers for the life science and food quality markets. It decided to move to Eindhoven after it had participated in the Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator Program for 2018.

Thermodata opened an office in Microlab, a co-working space for creators and innovators.

Thermodata develops a range of temperature loggers, developed on its own Bluetooth platform. The data is managed and accessible for analytics via the company’s cloud service.

Jenny Samfat ThermodataThe company was connected to the Netherlands after it was selected for the Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator Program that started in February 2018 and ended in August of this year. Rockstart introduced Thermodata to potential customers, mentors, investors and service providers. “Our main aim during the program was to understand the size of the market for our service in Europe, their appetite for our services and collaboration opportunities”, CEO Jenny Samfat explains. “That was very positive. We discovered that the cost of manufacturing and R&D for what we do is lower in the Netherlands than in the US and we learned that the government is very supportive of innovative start-ups. Moreover, the talent pool is highly educated, speaks English fluently and the central location and great infrastructure simplify access to the rest of Europe.”

Brainport Development helped Thermodata in setting up their business. “Thermodata fits perfectly in our strategy to attract companies with R&D on future technologies, willingness to collaborate in the ecosystem and a high degree of entrepreneurship”, managing director of Brainport Development Paul van Nunen says.

At Microlab, Thermodata is starting off with a studio for the lab and assembly space for two people. The company expects to need additional space for its administration and R&D activities within three months.

Photo: coworking space in Microlab