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Today is Robotics Day. The Netherlands is increasingly committed to robotics and automation. Research shows that 75% of Dutch entrepreneurs want to boost productivity within the company through automation. Lack of personnel is the main reason for this. Innovation in robotics ranges from healthcare to agriculture. Here are some robots in a row.

Why this is important:

Robotics and automation are boosting productivity within companies. Whether in agriculture or education.

Robot Sara

First, meet robot SARA. This robot acts as a social helper in nursing homes. SARA is programmed to know who she is in front of. For example, if the resident always liked gardening, SARA will pay special attention to this, for example by offering a nice listening story. Family members can send in photos and videos, which SARA then shows. In addition, SARA encourages users to get moving and train their memory through simple tasks. The SARA platform is used by 15 healthcare facilities.

Today interesting news came out about this robot. Several institutions and agencies are joining forces for an initial, scientific study on the effectiveness of the HUME in combination with SARA. The HUME is a technology capable of detecting early signs of stress and tension.

Pepper in the classroom

Robots are also widely used in education in the Netherlands. A good example is Pepper. This robot is equipped with advanced sensors, voice recognition, and electric motors, giving students an in-depth understanding of robotics and programming. Pepper is used to teach programming languages such as Python, and C++, among others. The robot can be found at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, for example.

Smart agricultural robot

The agricultural sector is struggling: fewer and fewer people want to work in agriculture, forcing agriculture and horticulture to look at automation. So, more and more robots in this sector are equipped with VBTI technology. The company developed deep learning technology to make agricultural machinery and processes smarter. For example, a robot can recognize a tomato, whether it is large or particularly small.