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The launch of The Hyperspace Institute, an association of VR- and AR-professionals, will take place on the 6thof June, during the Dutch Technology Week 2018. The Hyperspace Institute is interested in the same as the Hyperspace Collective – the best possible usage of VR/AR/MR technology for the society.

Date: 6th of June
Location: Effenaar
Time: 17:30 – 20:30

Frederike Manders, the co-founder and chairman of the Hyperspace Institute (previously known as Hyperspace Collective) says: “With the Institute, we want to raise the standards and commit ourselves to quality and valuable applications of VR and AR, with the added value of these technologies being central.”

“So far lots of the VR projects have been made with the emphasis on the technical part, to explore the possibilities of these new techniques but often with the lack of good design”, says Frederike Manders. “The future of VR is design: VR needs content developing and it needs design thinking.” That is why the founders of the Hyperspace Institute believe that the innovation in VR will develop rapidly here, in the unique ecosystem of Brainport Eindhoven, where technology and design connect. Apart from VR-specialized designers, in the future VR industry will bring to life a number of new professions: coaches who will use VR in their training, VR-specialists in the industries, IT-professionals employed in VR data and servers maintenance, specialists who create VR content in a volumetric video capture studio and others.

Frederike Manders says: “VR technology has a huge potential that should be exploited in education, healthcare, architecture and other spheres. In Hyperspace Institute we believe that VR technology has outgrown the pop-culture and entertainment industry, the wow-factor of VR technology is not enough for us anymore.”

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