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FlyingBasket, a leading player in Europe’s drone industry, presents the FB3, a heavy cargo drone available for commercial use. With an impressive 100-kilogram payload capacity, says the company in a press release.

Drones have revolutionized our perspective and utilization of aerial technology. Originally created for surveillance and leisure pursuits, they have now broadened their scope to encompass fields such as agriculture, entertainment, and notably, cargo transport. These remarkable flying devices are revolutionizing the world of logistics, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of deliveries, even in remote locations.

FlyingBasket has collaborated closely with both national and European regulatory bodies, influencing and complying with the most rigorous safety standards within current European regulations.

Diverse loads

The Italian startup has now presented the FB3, a groundbreaking heavy-duty cargo drone. This innovative drone is fully prepared for commercial deployment and can function in urban settings, proficiently hoisting diverse loads to the summits of buildings and delivering cargo over distances exceeding 10 kilometers. The ability to transport heavy cargo and lift loads has undergone rigorous testing across various environments, encompassing forests, wind turbine sites, construction zones, and urban landscapes.

A better logistics sector

The arrival of heavy-lift cargo drones, such as the FB3, represents a noteworthy achievement within the logistics sector. These drones hold the potential to transform multiple industries by simplifying the conveyance of heavy machinery to remote and challenging destinations. This groundbreaking advancement not only heightens safety for workers but also greatly amplifies operational efficiency.