High Tech Piek Awards 2023
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The Gerard & Anton High Tech Peak Awards are coming up again. Once everyone has recovered from Christmas and the New Year, High Tech Eindhoven gathers for another social event. Together we look back on the past year and put people in the spotlight who have worked hard to put Eindhoven on the map as an innovative location. We also look ahead and express our expectations for 2023. As before, we will present nine awards:

Stars 2023: Four people will be highlighted for their contribution to the high-tech and start-up scene in and around Eindhoven.

Bangers 2024: Four people about whom we have great expectations – we put a little more pressure on them.

Peak 2023: One person has contributed so much to the Eindhoven ecosystem – and hopefully will continue to do so – that they deserve to be applauded by everyone.

Winners of last year’s High Tech Piek Awards

Gerard & Anton

This is the first time the brand name “Gerard & Anton” has been attached to the Peak Awards. In doing so, we are deliberately making a link to the Gerard & Anton Awards, which we present every year in the summer to the ten most promising start-ups at the time. With this naming, we clarify the connection with the Gerard & Anton Community.

Now it’s up to you. From whom do you have great expectations? And who has really achieved something special in the past year? Let us know! Nominations can be made until January 1 by sending an email to [email protected].

Gerard & Anton High Tech Peak Awards 2023

  • Date: January 11, 2024
  • Time: 18:15
  • Location: Philips Museum, Eindhoven.

You can register HERE – while supplies last.

The Gerard & Anton High Tech Peak Awards are an initiative of Innovation Origins. They are co-sponsored by Philips, Rabobank, the Municipality of Eindhoven, Kadans, VO, EY, Twice, Holland Innovative, and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.