High Tech Piek Awards 2018
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One more time, we look back on 2018’s High Tech Piek Awards. These are the interviews Radio4Brainport made at the event. Enjoy!

Bert-Jan Woertman, MD: Brainport Industries Campus — It’s all about people

Bert-Jan Woertman is Director of the Brainport Industries Campus, and a long-time key player in the Eindhoven high-tech ecosystem. Speaking to Radio4Brainport about the High-Tech Piek Awards, Bert-Jan explained that the event was designed to reward individuals who make a difference in Eindhoven. In particular, Staf Depla, the former alderman for the economy and innovation in Eindhoven, was recognised for his work in lobbying for EUR130m from The Hague. Bert-Jan added that 2018 was “an amazing year” for Eindhoven, full of success stories. “Together we make it happen. It is not just about the brilliant brains and smart hands; this is an inclusive city, that takes everyone into account”.

Max Aerts, Founder: Dutch Energy Solutions — From student team to start-up

Graduating from student team to start-up, Dutch Energy Solutions is developing sustainable energy solutions using formic acid. Its founder, Max Aerts, won a “Knaller” at the High-Tech Piek Awards 2018. Asked about his ambitions, Max says he sees a future in which diesel power generators are banned in the Netherlands, and beyond, and in which energy users instead opt for his team’s emission-less and noise-less solution. Radio4Brainport spoke to Max at the Piek Awards ceremony.

Stijn Steenbakkers, Alderman for Economy & Innovation in Eindhoven — Ours is a broad-based economy

Stijn Steenbakkers is alderman for the economy and innovation in Eindhoven. He also chaired the selection committee for the High-Tech Piek Awards 2018. Talking to Radio4Brainport, he expressed his delight that his predecessor in local government, Staf Depla, won the main prize. The awards, he says, are a celebration of the culture of collaboration in the Brainport Eindhoven region.

John Blankendaal, MD of Brainport Industries: We had to join forces to be competitive

John Blankendaal, MD of Brainport Industries, won a Star award at the High-Tech Piek Awards 2018. Brainport Industries brings together manufacturers in the high-tech supply chain, with the emphasis on collaboration. “We had to join forces to be competitive,” he told Radio4Brainport. His wish for the coming year: “An inclusive society where everyone can benefit from our success”.

Staf Depla, former Eindhoven alderman, wins main prize at Piek Awards 2018

Staf Depla, who served as Eindhoven alderman for eight years, was rewarded with the main prize at the High-Tech Piek Awards 2018. This is in recognition of his work around the Brainport Action Agenda, which boosted the position and vitality of the Brainport Eindhoven region in the Netherlands and internationally.

Ineke Hurkmans from IamNL: Everything is possible

Ineke Hurkmans from IamNL was one of the winners at the High Tech Piek Awards 2018, hosted by Innovation Origins. IamNL equips refugees to become successful, empowered and active members of Dutch society. Over the past year, IamNL has helped 28 of its clients find work, a further 17 will be placed in employment early in 2019, and 7 are completing internships.

Piek Awards 2018 – Winners and the celebration

The Piek Awards 2018 includes nine winners from the Brainport Eindhoven High-Tech scene. A bulletin from the ceremony.