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The High Tech Campus Eindhoven’s newly released 36-minute documentary “Curious Tom” presents Brainport’s innovations in technology and design — from the perspective of an inquisitive eleven-year-old boy making his way through the city by bike, and interviewing various tech pioneers about their work.

The film opens with Tom’s words: “I wonder what the world will be like when I grow up?” – which becomes a theme of his charming conversations with seasoned researchers, business leaders, and start-ups.

Ingelou Stol, Communications Manager at the High Tech Campus, says the film was motivated by a desire to tell the world what Eindhoven is doing. “We wanted to show what tech we are working on at the High Tech Campus, at the Eindhoven University of Technology, in Strijp-S and in the city centre – tech that will guide us to the future”.

“When you look at other high tech hubs as Boston or Silicon Valley, they all have cool films to show what is happening over there”, she says. “Eindhoven is also a global technological hotspot, which deserves the spotlight as well.”

AUDIO: Radio4Brainport interviews Ingelou Stol at the premiere of “Curious Tom”

The decision to tell this story from the perspective of a child was a helpful device in getting the narrative to unfold in an open, relaxed manner – and in understandable language. “People were open and eager to tell ‘Tom’ about their work, their ecosystem, and the place where many things will be created in the future. A child brings another perspective, and introduces an element of curiosity”.

The premiere of Curious Tom, at the High Tech Campus

Putting the intensity of technological development in Brainport in perspective, Stol and colleagues comment that, “At High Tech Campus Eindhoven, more than 12 000 researchers and developers are working in 180 high-tech companies, the city has the Eindhoven University of Technology, a startup accelerator called HighTechXL, and thanks to Philips, ASML, NXP Semiconductors, VDL Groep, TomTom, Intel Labs & Shimano Europe Group, the city is famous all over the world”.

The plan is to take the fame further: “Our film will show the potential of Eindhoven as a high-tech hotspot, and to show internationally what we can do. It is not only for us – it is for every company and school that wishes to use it, and to collaborate,” Stol says.

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