Electric Superbike Twente
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Electric Superbike Twente has revealed its new electric racing motorcycle called Vector-ST. The motor was showcased with an innovative battery-swapping system. The team, made up of students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, started designing and building the next generation of electric racing motorcycles in September 2022, bringing about a significant change.

At the start of the academic year, the team focused on revolutionizing electric racing and worked hard to bring about the most significant change. The new system allows for the easy removal and replacement of the 860-volt battery pack from the motor within 30 seconds. According to technical manager Marijn van Hilten, the advantages of this system are: “The range is no longer a limiting factor in electric racing, which is currently seen as a significant disadvantage.”


Developing a battery-swapping system led to several other modifications to the Vector-ST components, which were explained during the presentation. In previous generations of racing motorcycles, the battery was always fully integrated into the frame, requiring significant changes to the frame itself. The battery pack underwent substantial changes in shape, size, and power, resulting in a much lighter overall motor. The new motor weighs 35 kg less than the previous racing motorcycle, which weighed 220 kg. This weight reduction improves the agility and speed of the new motor.

Nearly all parts were designed and made by the team. After the summer, Electric Superbike Twente’s seventh team will prepare the motor for the racing season.