The enterprising student easily beats professor

To get innovations off the ground, research and new businesses are needed. Students are by far the best entrepreneurs, mainly because of their resilience, Professor Peter Rem contends.

‘Quit your job for one day a week’

A conversation with Maarten Steinbuch, Professor of Systems and Control at the Eindhoven University of Technology four days a week, and an entrepreneur one day a week.

A corporate Cupid is indispensable in innovation

Lots of inventions take place at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. But how are they brought to market? Marc Poulissen from VIRO engineering: "Staying in conversation and persevering, that's important."

Fontys CvO encourages enterprising students

With the CvO (Center for Entrepreneurship), Fontys wants to stimulate entrepreneurship among students and make the combination of studying and having your own company easier. […]