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Medicine that has been shown to work without side-effect – that sounds like music to everyone’s ears. There is no drawback to this method used by our monthly trophy winner. And in terms of potential, there seems to be a whole undiscovered world of discoveries ahead of us

IO editorial staff and our visitors were unanimous; the start-up of the month comes from Spain and is called  Método Sáncal. This groundbreaking method is a success and has both a preventive and a therapeutic effect on people who suffer from cognitive ailments that are unpleasant for anyone.

Music to our ears

Every month, IO and its readers choose a winner for the Start-Up of the Month. We have already awarded the candidates during our competition for Start-Up of the Week. Each month, there are four or five participants, depending on the exact number of weeks. The winner of the monthly award receives a wonderful sketchbook from our creative Christiane Manow-Le Ruyet and – of course – all the honour!

What makes Método Sáncal so fundamentally different from other forms of audio therapy is that it is the first of its kind to combine neuroscience and music in such a practical way. Most great ideas are so solid because of their simplicity and this is no different for this Spanish method. Usually a medical course is not something you generally look forward to, nevertheless it can also be different. By teaching the patients how to play the piano, they not only work on their treatment, but also learn a new skill over the course of their lives.

So what now? The Spaniards are very ambitious and see learning musical skills as just as essential for personal development as learning to read and write are. Music heals, and mastering an instrument prevents all kinds of awful ailments. So they want music education to be given the place they think it deserves, not just in primary education.  They believe it should also be available for anyone who wants to keep on learning and who want to maintain a healthy and happy mind as long as they are able.