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Human beings spend up to 90% of our lives indoors. Having high concentration of CO2 indoors is not a very difficult thing to achieve, as the air that we inhale turns into CO2. This can affect our cognitive abilities and make us feel tired, resulting in lower work productivity and study results. Soletair Power is a Finnish P2X start-up which captures CO2 from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in buildings and converts it into synthetic fuel. The lean CO2 air that their devices produce improves the air quality in the building, helping not only the environment but also your productivity and cognitive abilities.

Additionally, Soletair Power has the technology to take the extracted CO2 and turn it into lucrative P2X fuel, making it the very first economically profitable production of a P2X fuel. The renewable fuel created with the start-up’s technology serves as a temporary energy reserve.

®Soletair Power

Innovation Origins talked with Soletair Power’s CEO Petri Laakso about the challenges and motivations behind the start-up.

®Soletair Power

What was the main motivation behind the creation of Soletair Power?

Solving climate change is our main motivation, which is a challenge for everyone. Aside from that, we want to address poor air quality in office and educational spaces.

What does your start-up have to contribute?

With Soletair Power technology, we can improve the quality of indoor air with Soletair Power technology, which in turn will improve cognitive abilities. Our technology is perfectly suited to offices, schools, and spaces where reduced CO2 would benefit everyone. Lower CO2 levels have been scientifically proven in making  people more efficient and enhance their well-being. Furthermore, our solution turns the CO2 into synthetic renewable fuel that supports a sustainable, clean, future. We see our technology providing a unique solution to support a carbon-neutral future for generations to come.

What makes Soletair Power different from other similar start-ups?

In addition to capturing CO2 and turning that into renewable fuels, Soletair Power improves the indoor air quality, and its intellectual property has an advantage over other companies. We are the first company to merge these P2X and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technologies.

What has been the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome during the whole Soletair Power process? 

Getting proper funding.

Was there a moment in where you thought of giving up?

None, we have a CAN DO attitude.

What has been the most gratifying moment/ biggest accomplishment?

 So far the seed funding from Wärtsilä has been our biggest accomplishment.

What can we expect from the coming year? 

 In 2020 will be the first of many commercial installations, which will start paving the way for the technology. Hence, in the future we see the company delivering equipment globally and contributing its share for the sustainable future.

What is your vision for the future?

We think that the sky is the limit for our technology.

Founder: Ari Piispanen and Pasi Vainikka

When and where was the start-up founded: 2016 in Lappeenranta, Finland

Numbers of employees: 3

The goal in a few words: Soletair Power’s goal is to be a global company in delivering equipment which make renewable fuels.

Founding: Seed funding from Wärtsilä will enable us to make the first deliveries and to demonstrate the technology. A pilot scale model was already made in 2017.


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