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Slovenian start-up Gotoky began Startupbootcamp HighTechXL in the first week of September. The Eindhoven-based programme gives start-ups three months to work intensively on getting their company off the ground. For Gotoky, it’s a chance to further develop a smart walkie talkie – before the competition does. CEO Denis Lončar will be talking to e52 every week about his experience with Katja Lipičnik, Chief Marketing Officer, over the next three months.

This week: Practising for those six crucial minutes

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You might say there’s a bit of pressure now. In just four short weeks it’ll be the last chance to pull out all the stops. Demo day, traditionally the end of Startupbootcamp, is fast approaching. The Evoluon has been hired out for it and will be full of (international) investors and other interested parties. Each team will have just six minutes to give their pitch for the last time – the culmination of three months’ hard work. Last year, this evening resulted in a number of financial investments. So it’s a good time to get your pitch right.

And that’s why nothing’s being left to chance. Gotoky and the other teams have been practising their pitches all week. Making their talks clearer, their slides, video clips and body language better. Everything’s getting scrutinised. The start-ups give their pitches and the professionals give them tips so that they’ll be able to give the perfect presentation on 26 November. With the enthusiasm of someone telling the story for the first time, of course.

Gotoky’s not quite there yet, “The biggest problem with our pitch is the focus,” explains Katja. Gotoky is of interest to mountain climbers, festival-goers, hunters, law-enforcers, emergency services and city visitors – the whole tourism sector, in fact. “I was listing them all in great detail during one practice this week until I saw the eyes of everyone in the room starting to glaze over. Too much information.” She continues: “I can say so much about Gotoky, but I actually need to leave most of it out. That’s really hard.” She’s still got four weeks to create that perfect six-minute pitch.

Gotoky’s story in 2.40 minutes

Part 8 next week.

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