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This Sunday, Eindhoven celebrates its international community
This Sunday it is all going to happen. The International Festival will take place in Eindhoven. In and around the VDMA building there will be all kinds of activities for internationals. But don’t be fooled by its name, locals are more than welcome as well! It’s an interesting day with fun workshops, lectures, food and market stands. And in the midst of it all, starting around 13:30 hrs, don’t forget to come watch the presentation of E52’s Expat top-10.

One part of the International Festival is the ”I’m not a tourist” Expat Fair inside of the VDMA at Vestdijk 27.  There’s a main stage and two different rooms with each a full schedule of lectures and activities. On the main stage, the program will start at 11.00 with a ”warming up Body & Mind”. Hopefully everybody is fully awake afterwards, because Greg Shapiro himself will host the quiz on How to Be Dutch. If you’re still full of energy you can take part of the salsa workshop before you attend the big announcement of the Expat Top-10.


This year’s theme of the International Festival is Sport & Leisure and E52’s Expat Top-10 has the same focus. We received a lot of nominations for internationals and expats whose work meant a lot for Eindhoven’s community. Then it was up to our jury to make the final call: who of all these hard working people belong in the Expat Top-10? It wasn’t easy to select ten winners, but the jury, E52 and Eindhoven are all proud of the amazing list. Curious who these ten winners are? Get your tickets for free over here! Or buy them for €5 at the door on the day itself.