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The Eindhoven based sports innovation program Sport eXperience has earned a nomination by the Marketing Alumni Society of Nyenrode University. Arno Hermans, CEO at Sport eXperience, is very pleased by the nomination. “It’s an honour in itself to be nominated. Now let’s try to get the award.”

The Nyenrode alumni see Sport eXperience as one of the “Most Promising Concepts of 2017”.

Voting for Sport eXperience is possible here


A year ago the Dutch sports innovation program Sport eXperience started guiding start-ups and scale-ups in the field of sports and technology. Within one year time the program has organised three rounds of workshops for entrepreneurs who work on innovations in sports and want to market their product. Moreover the program – headquartered in Eindhoven but operating internationally – managed to expand its network across borders at a very swift pace. It is now growing to be a global sports community.

Hermans: “In the world of sports there are a lot of people with excellent ideas that never go to market. Simply because these people do not have the right experience to start a business. The coaches at Sport eXperience have a lot of experience in sports innovation and business. They believe society can benefit from sports innovation. By using a customer centric approach they support companies in their international growth ambitions and they guide start-ups in developing a sound strategy. Moreover they link them to a valuable global network in sports.”

More on Sport eXperience here


The other candidates for the award:

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Sport eXperience
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