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Eindhoven based Sorama has signed an agreement with the Department of Transportation Taipei in Taiwan. Sorama develops cameras that make sound and vibrations visible to reduce disturbance. In Taipei, the company will install the sound cameras at a dangerous intersection to signal accidents in an early stage and map sound pollution. A similar setting will be installed in a busy intersection in Eindhoven.

In a Memorandum of Understanding, the Department of Transportation Taipei and Sorama agree on testing the sound cameras on a busy intersection where a lot of accidents happen for a year. The traffic centre wants to signal the accidents happening at an early stage to be able to directly make improvements. Moreover, mapping sound pollution makes it possible to increase safety and livability in the direct surroundings of the crossroads. That is what the sound camera can be used for.

The agreement is a direct result of the close collaboration between Eindhoven and Taipei. Over the last few years, several trade missions took place to and from Taiwan. Earlier today an agreement was signed to intensify collaboration in the field of developing smart city solutions in living labs to speed up inventing answers to both the cities’ challenges in the field of health and safety.

Proof of concept for one year

The proof of concept with the sound camera will start within now and half a year. “We have already made an analysis”, founder of Sorama Rick Scholte explains: “We know on which intersection the cameras need to be installed. During an entire year we are going to run all sorts of tests in all kinds of weather circumstances and then we will see where the improvements will lead to the best results.”

A similar living lab will be developed in Eindhoven. Probably this is going to be the intersection where the John F. Kennedylaan crosses with the Ring. Consultations with the municipality about this subject are ongoing.

Besides signing a MoU with the Department of Transportation Taipei, Sorama also engages in a certified partnership with a Taiwanese partner: IEA Electro Acoustic Technology in Taipei. The company will represent Sorama in Taiwan.

Photo: Rick Scholte, far left