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Want to know what kind of transport we will have in the future? Will we have flying cars, will all be electric or solar powered, will there still be trains or will we prefer the hyperloop? Trend watcher and entrepreneur Vincent Everts will interactively give us a glimpse of the future in his unique style, with an introduction by Carlo van de Weijer, director Smart Mobility at TU/e.

Next on the program are some short research pitches on various, mobility-related topics:

  • Save Mass Transport continued….  by Bas Verkaik, Jeroen Bleker and Raymond Wouters
  • Designing C-ITS Architecture and Services for North Brabant by Saurab Rajkarnikar
  • CycleFLow by Yoram Meijaard
  • Inmotion – the near Future and Road to Le Mans by Noud Schoenmakers
  • SPIKE startup (former student team Storm) by Jeroen Bleker

Since this is the smart mobility café there will of course also be some drinks afterwards!

Also, non-TU/e people are welcome, but only after registration: