Burgemeester Rob van Gijzel van Eindhoven en Rob Nail, CEO van de SU, tekenen het construction contract
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Singularity University, based in Mountain View, California, starts its first “Exponential Regional Partnership” (ERP) with The Netherlands. Part of this agreement is the establishment of SingularityU The Netherlands. Key to the program will be the development of an Innovation Hub in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, which will provide education and innovation programs, as well as community events. Goal is to enable individuals, businesses, institutions, investors, NGOs and governments to further their understanding of cutting-edge technologies, and how to utilize these technologies to positively impact billions of people.

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“Committed to tackling global challenges, SU advocates for the development of a network of innovation ecosystems around the world that will help achieve maximum impact”, SU states in a press release. “With an already established and powerful global alumni network in nearly 90 countries through SingularityU Global, the ERP program seeks to further accelerate the organic growth of innovation by offering opportunities for cities and regions to partner with SU. An Alumni Chapter Headquarters, Innovation Hub, Global Summit and series of custom and accelerator programs will be rolled out.”

First of many partnerships seeks to build global ecosystem of innovation hubs that will collaborate with and empower local communities to think exponentially and embrace technology to solve both regional and global problems.

“It’s a truly exciting day for us here at Singularity University to launch our first Exponential Regional Partnership with The Netherlands, a country known for its entrepreneurial spirit,” said Rob Nail, CEO and associate founder, Singularity University. “We believe strongly that in order to positively impact the lives of billions, we need to mobilize a global community of individuals committed to teaching others the power of exponential technologies. This partnership will do just that.”

In addition to the opening of the Innovation Hub on May 26, 2016, SingularityU The Netherlands is partnering with SU to launch the SingularityU The Netherlands Summit, which will take place September 12 – 13, 2016 in Amsterdam. SingularityU Summits are two-day conferences held across the globe to help local leaders understand how exponential technologies can be used to create positive change and economic growth in their region.

Yuri van Geest, founding member of SingularityU The Netherlands is excited to start SingularityU in the Netherlands. “This partnership marks the first physical location outside NASA’s Research Park. Our hope is to build upon the strengths of our country by integrating the most important exponential technologies to help solve some of the global grand challenges like water, food and health.”

Mayor Rob van Gijzel played an important part in the decision to start in Eindhoven. “Technology has a growing impact on our lifes. Not only businesswise, but also within the whole society. That’s why it is important to get as much support as possible for SU-NL. We will be working in close cooperation with Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.”

SU has identified eleven global grand challenges facing the world today: learning, energy, environment, food, health, prosperity, security, water, space, disaster resilience and governance. The ERP program will train local communities on exponential thinking, providing the tools, knowledge and skills to discover technology-based solutions to these challenges.

Singularity University was founded in 2008 by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis.