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Signicat, a pan-European leader in Digital Identity, has integrated Italy’s e-ID system in Europe for the first time, says the company in a (Dutch) press release. SPID (Short for Sistema Pubblico di Identit√† Digitale) is an Italian government system that gives people a way to prove who they are online. It’s like having a digital ID card for the internet. This development marks a revolution in digital identity verification across Europe.

  • Signicat integrates Italy’s SPID for seamless digital identity verification in Europe
  • SPID acts as a digital ID card for Italians, making online tasks easier and secure

Herewith, the company helps businesses and government agencies across Europe to seamlessly communicate with SPID users for customer registration and authentication purposes. With SPID, you can use one set of login credentials to access various online services, like government websites or banking, without needing different usernames and passwords for each. It makes online tasks easier and more secure because it helps confirm identity quickly and safely.

35 million Italians

The e-ID system is currently used by over 35 million Italians and its adoption rate is rapidly increasing in the country. Italian citizens residing in other European countries can use SPID for services such as opening bank accounts, renting cars, or signing mortgages, provided that service providers accept it.

Further than SPID

Signicat’s commitment to electronic identification goes beyond supporting SPID. Currently, the company facilitates more than 30 electronic IDs on its digital identity platform, streamlining electronic interactions between businesses, government agencies, and their customers. This aligns with the European Commission’s European Digital Wallet project, which aims to bring the continent closer to a unified digital identity ecosystem.