Bas Kuper en Ferdinand Gremmen (Foto © Bram Saeys)
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With the arrival of Siemens PLM Software, Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) can once again welcome an important player from the international high-tech ecosystem. Siemens wants to get closer to other innovative start-ups and companies by choosing BIC. Siemens also sees advantages in the link to education: On campus, Summa College will be their direct neighbour.

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Siemens will create office space for 150 employees at BIC, as well as training and meeting areas. The company will also become part of the growing internal ecosystem of Brainport Industries Campus. This means that Siemens can make use of the shared pavilions, the logistics system, the field labs and the joint events. The relocation is scheduled for this autumn.

Bas Kuper, Siemens PLM Software: “For us, the BIC environment is exactly what we are looking for. With our software solutions, we are in the heart of the high-tech manufacturing industry. The large and small companies already established here are ideal partners for us. I also expect that we, in our turn, have a lot to offer the other BIC residents. Our showrooms and meeting rooms will certainly be useful for them. For us, innovation and digitisation are more than just a business concept: this is what we believe in and what we are good at. Our environment can directly benefit from that.”

Ferdinand Gremmen, managing director at SDK Vastgoed (VolkerWessels), responsible for Brainport Industries Campus: “With the arrival of Siemens, we are confirmed in the importance of our role. At the same time, it makes us extremely proud that a global player like Siemens has chosen us. This means that our concept – bringing together parties from the high-tech manufacturing industry to promote innovation – really works.”

Jeroen Luijpen, Niels Dusee, Bas Kuper, Ferdinand Gremmen, Jasper Wildeboer, Tim Leenders (Foto © Bram Saeys)
Jeroen Luijpen, Niels Dusee, Bas Kuper, Ferdinand Gremmen, Jasper Wildeboer, Tim Leenders (Photo © Bram Saeys)

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