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A group of designers was asked to create a 36.5 seconds video with the Eindhoven “vibes”. Together they build Eindhoven’s new city branding campaign to Share the Vibe. Earlier this year, e52 portrayed the work of Raw Color, Niels Hoebers and Bart Hess. Image makers from Eindhoven have been invited to share their feelings and commitment to Eindhoven with the world. Today, Mike Roelofs displays his portrait of the city.

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-26 om 16.29.29Photographer and videographer Mike Roelofs creates socially engaged, wide-ranging works of art, from photographic portraits to international reports about climate change. He travels the world for his job and no matter how lovely the places he visits, he loves coming home. In his words: “It is good to see how everyone is doing what they can to improve Eindhoven, to see the people living here all work together. And how the city has stayed true to itself. A city full of real characters who are here to stay, who are part of what makes the city unique.”

A whole gamut of Eindhovenaren from which he distilled an image of the average Eindhoven resident. Yet so many beautiful people, this asks for a longer version. Who knows… someday.

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