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Improving communication quality through compensation for temperature variations

SemiBlocks, the Eindhoven based semiconductor company, has raised €3 million from BOM Brabant Ventures and a major strategic partner in the United States. The funds will be used to develop a new type of compensation for temperature variations, significantly improving the quality of communication technologies.

Communication technologies are influenced by temperature variations. Without the required compensation, communication is lost. Every conventional communication product uses a specific compensation method to handle variations in temperature.

“There are many problems with these conventional products, e.g. limited accuracy, high costs, and limited temperature range”, says Rob van der Valk, CTO, and co-founder of the company. “SemiBlocks has developed a disruptive technology solving these problems using standard IC design technology. It plans to be the first company to introduce a self-sensing measurement system enabling the use of low-cost materials while achieving higher accuracies. Other advantages are the support for a much larger temperature range and the option for further integration into other ICs.”

The high accuracy targets of the patented technology will enable SemiBlocks to replace conventional products for the telecommunication infrastructure, data centers, and the smartphone platform application markets.

“Funding a high tech company with such significant market potential as SemiBlocks, while adding to the local strength of chip design companies and their supply chains fits very well within our strategy”, states Jurgen van Eck, Senior Investment Manager of BOM Brabant Ventures. “Therefore, we strongly support SemiBlocks to become a successful company in a new strong growing market.”

SemiBlocks expects to launch its first product for small base stations in 4G/5G radio communications market early 2020.

Source: press release Semiblocks