Dashcam in teaching car
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Dutch roads are busy. All the more important to get road quality and efficiency right. This can be done through dashcams, an app and an online platform.

Start-up Real-Time Road Inspection, aimed at creating up-to-date images of the condition of the Netherlands’ roads and public spaces, is entering into a partnership with driving school Verkeersschool Koos van der Bilt. Together they have made arrangements for an initial trial, in which several teaching cars will have a built-in dashcam, says Mobility Lab in a press release.

Breukelen-based Real-Time Road Inspection provides up-to-date images of the condition of Dutch roads and public spaces. This promotes road quality and maintenance efficiency, without the deployment of additional road inspectors. The start-up’s app and online platform thus make the management of public space easier, safer and more sustainable.

The company is keen to expand by connecting with parties who are frequently on the road with a fleet of vehicles. Director Jan Kroon of Real-Time Road Inspection: “We want to enhance the topicality of the platform. And for the driving school, this is an extra useful activity. After all, they have to drive anyway. Other parties can benefit from this: public space managers can perform a simple inspection from behind the desk, work planners can view a location remotely, and a simple inspection can also be done via the screen.” Mobility Lab, a startup program for mobility, therefore linked Real-Time Road Inspection to Rotterdam-based Verkeersschool Koos van der Bilt.

Teaching cars equipped with dashcam and app

Together, the parties have made arrangements for an initial trial in which several teaching cars will have a built-in dashcam. The Real-Time Road Inspection app on the cell phone runs completely in the background. As a result, the functionality of the cell phone is maintained during the recording of the images. Afterwards, the images are automatically uploaded to the platform. The cooperation between these entrepreneurs reduces the number of cars on the road. This benefits CO2 reduction and road safety and reduces congestion.  

Safe traffic for all

Director of the driving school, Jacco van der Bilt, is happy to contribute to the pilot: “We provide services that increase safety and freedom of movement for all road users. Not only for our students, but also for employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. We are therefore pleased to be able to contribute to this great initiative.”

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