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There are more and more humans in this world. All of those people need to be fed while keeping the negative impact on our planet at a minimum. That calls for smart innovations and new, sustainable ideas.

The innovation platform Brave New Food has launched a new start-up challenge to solve the urgent problems with the food system. Start-ups can register and upload their pitch deck till November first. The challenge focuses on problems such as food waste, unhealthy eathing habits and high emmissions.

With the challenge the innovation platform wants to find more healthy and sustainable food products. “What will we eat when the world population approaches 8 billion by 2030? Where does this food come from? How is it made? These questions are the core of the Startup Challenge,” writes the platform on their webpage. The challenge is open for start-ups and already established food companies as well.

Pitch Event

The ten most promising start-ups will be invited to a Partner & Pitch Event on December first. There they will have to pitch their ideas and solutions to a network of partners. A independend jury will award the the winner with a honorary title of Brave New Food Startup of the Year 2022.

To participate in the challenge, you must upload your pitch deck before November first. Participants will then receive a ticket for a Peer 2 Peer & Expert event on November tenth. Afterward, start-ups get the chance to have a 1-on-1 meeting with partners of the innovation platform. On November 15th the ten finalists will be announced. They get to pitch their ideas live to the platform network partners and a jury.

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