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During the Dutch Technology Week, on the 9th of June, Thermo Fisher Scientific opens its doors to visitors, to show them the high tech electron microscopes that they develop and produce.

Not long ago Thermo Fisher Scientific received the prestigious Edison Award 2018 for their electron microscope Krios G3i. The Edison Award travelled all the way from New York to the place where Krios is developed and produced– Eindhoven. Krios electron microscopes are the ones that are used in healthcare research: during the epidemic of Zika virus infection, in 2016, the first images of the virus were made with Krios microscope system. Life scientists looking for better treatment of cancer or Alzheimer’s disease use Krios systems to conduct their research as well.

Every Krios system produced by Thermo Fisher Scientific is tailor-made in order to serve the specific needs of a customer. Krios and similar systems have the Autoloader (cryogenic sample manipulation robot) to work with the batch of samples in a reliable contamination-free way. The microscopes with this loading technology will be on display on the open day at Thermo Fisher Scientific. In addition to the floor models of electron microscopes, visitors will see more compact desktop models manufactured by Phenom-World (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific). Guests of Thermo Fisher’s NanoPort will see how images of the specimen are created with electron microscopes. Children visiting Thermo Fisher on the open day will be able to take part in Mad Science activities.

Microscope systems manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific contribute to the development of science. Two Nobel prizes were received by the researchers who worked with microscopes of the company: in 2011 Dan Shechtman received the Nobel prize for the discovery of quasicrystals and in 2017 the Noble prize in chemistry was received by Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson for their revolutionary method of visualizing human protein molecules with cryo-electron microscopy. These and other meaningful outcomes created with the help of Thermo Fisher Scientific solutions are what the mission of the company is – to enable the researchers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.