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Searious BusinessWijk Yacht Creation BV and BeteoR BV want to manufacture a 3D printed Yacht from plastic waste. This is yet another way for Searious Business leader Willemijn Peeters to show the world that it’s about time to save the oceans from plastic.

“Together we draw attention to the world’s oceans and aspire to make a difference by facilitating change in the beverage and shipping industries. We will do so, by demonstrating the feasibility of producing a yacht from recycled PET bottles. We call it the One Minute Boat.”

The One Minute Boat has a nominal displacement of 20 tonnes: “exactly the equivalent to the weight of plastic that is discharged into the world’s ocean every minute! We intend to ‘launch’ this idea with the backing of multi-national companies, initially focusing on PET bottles. 100s of billions of PET bottles are produced and discarded every year.”

Peeters, also Dutch Ocean’s ambassador, wants to involve the world’s soft-drink companies by having them change their plastic bottle production systems into a circular one.

“To speed our ambitions, we reached out to Lay3rs 3D printing company, who built a 3D model of the one-minute boat. At the event ‘A Plastic Ocean’ in Eindhoven’s Parktheater, we presented the first 3D printed model from recycled PET.”

Together with Gispen, Willemijn Peeters has also produced a 3D printed recycled plastic couch.

Photo’s Oscar Vinck