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Nickelodeon is launching an augmented-reality (AR) app that will let kids see slime, blimps, SpongeBob, and other special effects specially timed with the network’s programming. Munich based Eyecandylab is Nickelodeon’s technology partner; it has offered its technology for the video-based augmented reality moments in Screens Up.

The app is a mix of eye-popping Augmented Reality content synced with TV moments and fun features including mini-games and AR stickers. The free companion app immerses Nickelodeon fans in its tv show through AR delivered to mobile devices.

During the broadcast, kids will be prompted by their TVs to use the app, in which they can vote on the outcome and affect the show, play trivia, polls, games, all synced to the broadcast, and unlock AR stickers. Nickelodeon says the app will allow kids to keep playing with some of the augmented-reality effects and games after the broadcast as well. Other scheduled events may also make use of Nickelodeon’s app.

In addition to AR experiences, Nickelodeon is also developing virtual reality experiences. Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab debuted Slime Zone, its first social virtual reality experience at IMAX VR centers globally in 2018, and recently announced a financial investment in Dreamscape Immersive, the location-based VR startup.