STORM 80 Days
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Screaming school kids, batteries that couldn’t be sent by mail, autograph hunters and a giant poster with all the team members on it: team STORM thought itself true pop stars. The team’s expedition – travel the world with an electric motor bike in 80 days – now officially is half way. After more than 10,000 kilometers STORM has arrived in Nanjing, China.

During the trip, lots of adventures came by: technical problems, the death of a president and even a collision with a taxi. Read our other stories on #STORM80Days

The motor and its team are in China for over a week now. It expects to arrive in Shanghai tomorrow. Now it’s important to get the batteries on their transport to Seattle, to be able to continue its tour through the United States afterwards. This turned out to be quite difficult, as the students themselves explain in this video.

The students expect to be back home in Eindhoven on November 2, 80 days after their start. The whole trip can be followed here, or on social media through #storm80days.