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e52 regularly writes about Eindhoven’s start-up scene. About the special story of Nadia Kadri, who jumped on a plane at the end of last year to participate in Eindhoven’s Start Up Weekend. About the initial successes of Ulu, Avular and Manus Machina. About what we can learn from Silicon Valley (where is the “Eindhoven Magic”?). And about the other side too. That it’s often a really long road ahead. Entrepreneurs have to slave away for their eventual success.

And there’s been a lot of hard work here in the city. Eindhoven is a fantastic breeding ground for young, innovative companies. But which ones are the most promising? Which start-ups do we need to keep an eye on in the future? e52 wants to know so that, together with various experts, we can put this year’s coolest start-ups on the map.

So which ones are they? Well, you’ll have to wait just a little while longer to find out. But save the date: on Thursday 9 July, e52, in collaboration with the High Tech Campus, EY.comRabobank Eindhoven-VeldhovenWitlox Van den Boomen and Eindhoven365  will present the Top 10 Start-ups to Watch.

Got any tips? Is there an Eindhoven start-up that excites you? One that really belongs in the top 10? Get in touch with us at [email protected]. You have until 25 June to let us know!

Read about the start-ups that made last year’s top 10 here.

If you want to join the barbecue register here.