CES 2022. Credit: Consumer Technology Association
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Tomorrow is the last day of the world-famous CES 2022 tech event, where tech giants unveil their latest gadgets and products. The event in Las Vegas kicked off last Wednesday and many high-profile exhibits have already been highlighted. Here are a few of those innovations that Innovation Origins editors took the most notice of.

Preview ‘world’s most powerful gaming tablet’

Smartphones, desktops, video cards, and tablets: there is no shortage of computer hardware and software at CES 2022. Asus is giving a sneak preview of a tablet that they claim should be the most powerful gaming tablet in the world, featuring the latest generation of graphics. The tablet features various connectors, including usb-a, usb-c and 3.5mm audio. Also notable is the XG Mobile slot: this can be used for connecting a portable external video card, ideal for extra gaming performance.

ASKA’s flying car

eVTOL is the new flying car from the start-up ASKA that can be ordered now and will be ready to take to the air by 2026. The four-passenger vehicle can drive on the road like a car, can take off and land vertically, and flies like an airplane. The vehicle has a flight range of up to 250 miles and is powered by electric motors. The electric architecture allows future models to convert the range extenders to any other energy source such as hydrogen. Another convenient feature is that it can be parked in existing parking lots and charged at existing charging stations. Let’s see how things will turn out for “our” Pal-V flying car.

eVTOL from start-up ASKA

Robot kitten Maicat

 Many people are sick and tired of working from home, and for some of us, the time has come to break the tedium. Ever thought about an artificial pet? Not a Maine Coon, the pedigree cat with a grand physique and long-haired coat, but a Maicat, an artificial house cat made by Macroact, was revealed during the exhibition.

Maicat may well be bald and move woodenly, but it is entertaining and getting smarter every day. The more it explores its environment, the better it adapts to its new home. Thanks to its intelligence algorithm and configuration, it is able to learn autonomously and improve its behavior and movements. It responds to you as well. The robot estimates your emotions and assesses how well you treat it. Also, it develops its own unique emotional cycle and uses it to respond to the external world. Facial recognition and estimating emotions are what help Maicat distinguish between different people.

All well and good, but if you’re after an adorable kitten with long hair, then you will be a little disappointed when you purchase the artificial kitty. The bald, clinically white robot really doesn’t look that cuddly. If you really want to enjoy the real ‘full experience’ of a cat, you will still have to do it ‘ the old-fashioned way ‘ by going to a breeder or to the shelter.

Maicat’s movement control

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MoonBikes Electric Snowmobiles

Are you looking forward to a winter vacation, but at the same time want to take it easy? MoonBikes, one of the first electric snowmobiles on the market, is offering a new way to enjoy winter pursuits. You can ride around the trails at your leisure, or go straight for the rough stuff and off the beaten track, or cruise around town in winter when there’s a layer of snow. The snowmobiles are silent, ideal for enjoying nature in silence. The electric vehicle weighs 87 kilograms, making it up to three times lighter than a regular snowmobile. So it’s easy to transport. But be careful: don’t drive too far off the beaten track. The battery lasts for about an hour and a half. So make sure you stay close to an electrical socket.

Teeth clean in no time with Y-Brush?

Last but not least, who is still on the hunt for an interesting toothbrush? Y-Brush is claiming that their newest electric brush will brush half of your teeth clean within 10 seconds. The toothbrush comes with different attachments, for adults and children, that cover all of your teeth and scrub half of your teeth clean in one go. It sounds ideal, never having to waste time on a boring task like brushing again, but if it actually works? Several reviews do not seem so enthusiastic. Indeed, the dentist in the video, after using the Y-Brush, still had to re-brush with a manual toothbrush.