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With their battle wins in ASML’s Get In The Ring contest, RoboSculpt and FMC have secured a place in the next accelerator program. The program is hosted by HighTechXL together with ASML. As a special award, both winners don’t have to pay for the accelerator, as others normally have to.

RoBoSculpt is one of the new companies that are founded within Eindhoven based MRT: Medical Robotic Technologies, the umbrella above medical startups in the TU/e-group led bij Maarten Steinbuch. At this stage, RoBoSculpt is not a company yet, but still in the phase of research group. Steinbuch has already promised to invest in RoBoSculpt, but the startup is still looking for more money.

Read more about MRT here


Get in the Ring is a global startup competition with a pitching challenge in a boxing ring. HighTechXL, the high tech hardware oriented accelerator at High tech Campus Eindhoven, has joined forces with Get in the Ring.

RoBoSculpt develops and sells precision surgical robots, especially designed for image-guided bone removal, to help surgeons. The robot enables better surgical outcomes, less invasive procedures and shorter surgery times, while more patients can be helped. Current focus is on ear cancer removal and hearing restoration surgery, especially for children.

FMC, the Ferroelectric Memory Company, solves one of the hardware challenges in the age of the Internet of Things. FMC promises the next generation transistors, based on ferroelectric hafnium oxide. With this, FMC says it will solve the material innovation needed in current and future technology nodes.

Both FMC and RoBoSculpt beat their opponents in the ring at ASML

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