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From now on, employees of the province will be able to make use of electric shared cars for their appointments. On May 14, 2 BMW i3’s of Amber were delivered to the provincial government building.

For this moment, this will be a one-year pilot project. According to a provincial spokesman, the collaboration with Amber fits in with Brabant’s sustainability ambitions. At the same time, the province wants to offer its employees more customised services in sustainable mobility and thus, among other things, reduce parking pressure. The shared car is useful for employees who prefer to come to work by bicycle, train or bus, but who need a car for appointments at other locations. In this way, the province wants to encourage more employees to come to work by public transport or by bicycle.

The province is working on a new public transport vision that should be ready later this year. By experimenting with ‘new’ ways of mobility and mobility concepts, the province wants to gain practical experience. The Amber pilot project is part of this.

The Eindhoven car-sharing company Amber supplies the BMWs, with a range of 200 to 250 kilometres. Reservations are made via an app that you can link to your calendar. If the test succeeds, the experiment will be extended. For the time being, the Ambers are not a substitute for the existing car fleet. The province is still considering whether the current official cars can in time be replaced by a more sustainable alternative.