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Once, in a private park, I was given a tour of the rare trees that had been planted there. When we arrived at the gigantic sequoia, everyone in the small group placed their hands on the rough bark. A few even lovingly pressed their cheeks up against the trunk. We were in good company. Even Dutch Princess Irene had once hugged the tree here.

That image from years gone by flashed through my mind when, while at a cafe in a pastoral spot along the Maas River, I saw a man almost reluctantly walk up to an enormous chestnut tree. It was in full bloom; the branches swaying proudly in the spring wind. The man spread out his arms. He rested his head against the trunk. And then he did what many a man has occasionally done after enough beer and faced with an unduly long traipse to the restroom….

No matter how you look at it, people have a thing for trees. This only stands to reason. After all, we ourselves are part of that wonderful phenomenon we call nature. Which is why we are drawn to them. Just take a look at our weekly overview.

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