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Ninth edition of Bliksem en Donderdag again focuses on inspiration, interaction, connection and acceleration
Creating an ‘office jungle’, working on human rights and helping vulnerable juveniles: these are just three of many pitches that can be seen at this week’s Bliksem & Donderdag. As always, thinkers, dreamers and doers can start a brainstorm about innovation in this event in the Kazerne.

Thursday March 1st marks the ninth edition of the free pitch platform which is all about inspiration, interaction, connection and acceleration. This platform gives the local creative minds a chance to share, test and accelerate their ideas. Based on the ‘sandwichsessions’ from Philips at Natlab in the sixties, scientists, artist, students and entrepreneurs brainstorm about innovation. VPRO Medialab took the initiative and invited Eindhoven University of Technology, Baltan Laboratories and High Tech Campus to work together on this pitch platform.

The pitches
Six pitchers will take the stage. Norbert Heijl presents Verdien je Ticket, an initiative that helps vulnerable juveniles to get a job that fits their personal goals at cultural organizations. Norbert is looking for parties in Eindhoven to join his project. At We Are Human Rights Foundation, from Bernhard Lenger, designers and human right defenders work together to create a better environment. Bernhard is looking for ways to create a big impact with his foundation. Ingmar Nieuweboers project, The Office Jungle, is a radical new office environment, attempting to solve people’s growing physical inactivity. Ingmar hopes to receive tips on which user group he can target best. Three more pitchers will present their project this Thursday, and there is also room for two pitchers from the audience.

Each Bliksem en Donderdag, two experts are present. Like two ‘Muppets’, they listen from the sidelines just like Statler and Waldorf from The Muppet Show. They give each pitcher feedback or pose a critical question. This edition, Muppets are Eefje op den Buys, managing director at Robot Love and founder of the Transmedia Storytelling Lab at the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, and Lucas Maassen, independent conceptual designer, and teacher at Design Academy.

Register for free
Want to join in on this enlightening event? Secure your free seat at Limited seats available. Want to pitch your plan? Send an email to [email protected]. The official language is English.

Photo: Barbara Medo