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Eddy Grid, a Utrecht-based startup, raised €1.5 million for grid congestion technology. The company is working to establish a decentralized battery network to store green energy and to develop smart energy management for batteries, writes the company in a press release.

The round was led by prominent investors including the Graduate Entrepreneur fund, Herberth Samsom, Rockstart Energy Fund, and Volve Capital. In addition to these major investors, several leading angels have also joined, including Jan Saan of CM.com, Thijs Verheul and Sjuul Berden of United Wardrobe, and Bastiaan van de Rakt of WhyCommitCapital.

Why you need to know this

To integrate more renewable energy into the energy mix, a good and resilient energy grid is needed. With congestion being one of the main grid problems, Eddy Grid hopes to offer a valid solution.

Sam Rohn, CEO and co-founder of Eddy Grid, shares his enthusiasm: “We are incredibly pleased that so many people are eager to help build a greener and more resilient world. There was an enormous amount of interest and support for our plans and confidence in our team. We believe that together with these experienced partners, we can accelerate and increase our impact.” 

Max ter Horst, Managing Partner at Rockstart Energy Fund: “We are thrilled to have Eddy Grid on board in our portfolio and our accelerator program. They have an impressive team with strong commercial skills and a proven track record in building scalable businesses. Their energy management and storage solutions address the urgent pain of grid capacity limitations for C&I customers, which is reflected in their strong traction so far. We are looking forward to support Eddy Grid in expanding their business and impact on the energy transition.”

Sustainable energy at all times

Eddy Grid has the mission to ensure the availability of sufficient, affordable green energy at all times. This makes energy consumption sustainable and indirectly helps to accelerate the electrification of mobility and industry. “We use smart hardware, for example, batteries, to significantly improve business benefits.” Says Rohn. Eddy Grid supports larger businesses, from SMEs to big industrial enterprises. Whether they have a power shortage, extra capacity on their contracted capacity, or own solar panels, Eddy Grid can help. Transparency is a key pillar. Rohn; “We ensure that every customer clearly understands where profits are made and what costs are involved. This way, we make a complex market more understandable for everyone.” 

This capital will be utilized to expedite the growth of Eddy Grid; the team aims to further expand its offerings to serve customers more broadly and accelerate the rollout of collaborations such as the Energy Hubs in partnership with Skoon Energy. 

Thanks to the collaboration, all battery owners managing their operations through Skoon’s rental software can take advantage of this opportunity. The Skoon users can easily use the Eddy Grid systems to mitigate imbalances and congestion on the power grid while generating additional income. Skoon’s marketplace currently boasts a rapidly growing capacity of over 400 MW in Europe. Through the partnership with Eddy Grid, this capacity can be effectively utilized to reduce pressure on the power grid and generate extra revenue for Skoon’s platform users. This relieves grid operators of addressing costly network reinforcements needed due to grid congestion. 

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