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It’s literally as different as night and day: the swirling mass of party-goers changes into a somewhat desolate space as the sun rises. It’s not the first time that plans have been made to create a livelier, daytime Stratumseind.

And yet the group organised under the flag of Stratumsepoort believes that this time it will really catch on. The video below sums up the main goals [in Dutch]:

In short, the Stratumseind experience would be greatly enhanced by more day-time activities, such as shops, some industrial activity and small events. This suggestion perfectly aligns with consultancy firm BEA’s position paper that should lead to a new vision of the city centre. BEA is questioning the monocultural concept, whereby a complete business should be run within 10 to 15 workable weekend evening hours, and urges for more of a balance: fewer pubs, more pop-up shops, cultural activities, events, childcare and non-drinking-related meeting points.

This kicks off a short series on the present and future of the Stratumseind. More to come soon.

Full disclosure: e52 – located above de Oude Rechtbank – is itself part of the Stratumseind ecosystem.