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After a new round of financing, Mosa Meat has managed to raise a total of 75 million US dollars. Mosa Meat introduced the first cultured meat hamburger back in 2013.


55 million US dollars (more than 45 million euros) had already been pledged in September, another 20 million is now being added. The total investment amount of the financing round amounts to 75 million dollars (almost 62 million euros). The company is backed by investors who are focused on sustainability. Mitsubishi Corporation, Blue Horizon Ventures, Target Global, ArcTern Ventures and Rubio Impact Ventures are just some of the investors in this second round.

Maarten Bosch, CEO of Mosa Meat: “We are delighted to welcome our new partners. They all bring their expertise and they share our commitment to making our food system more sustainable.”

Expansion of production facilities

Mosa Meat will use the funding to expand the pilot production facility in Maastricht in the Netherlands. The company will also create an industrial-scale production line and expand the team of employees. There are also plans to raise awareness of the positive impact of their product on the environment.

The hamburger

Work is being done with the technology from Mosa Meat on a better way to produce real beef. They have grown this beef with real cow cells. The process is made up of several steps.

First of all, cells are taken from the muscles of an animal. The removed cells are placed in a medium containing several nutrients. They can continue to grow here in the same way as they would in the animal. The process takes place without any genetic modification. According to Mosa Meat, cultured meat would use up to 99 percent less land than regular meat production and 96 percent less water.

Innovation Origins previously reported on the Limburg start-up back in 2018: Swiss Meat Producer is investing in Dutch cultured meat company Mosa Meat