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Microsure, a spin-off of the TU/e, has received a “multi-million investment” from Innovation Industries, a Dutch high-tech investment fund. Microsure is aimed at the development and marketing of surgical robots that enable surgeons to perform operations with increased precision. The investment – the exact amount of which has not been disclosed – should enable Microsure to accelerate its market entry.

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At present, microsurgery is often limited by physical limitations of the surgeon. Microsure’s motion stabilizer system shifts such boundaries and makes it possible to perform microsurgical procedures that were not possible before. Furthermore, existing microsurgical interventions may be simplified with this system, allowing them to be performed more often, faster and better. The system is the result of a collaboration between microsurgeons from the Maastricht University Medical Centre and engineers from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Raimondo Cau, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Microsure, says: “The control and precision provided by the Microsure motion stabilizer system provide a better and more consistent surgical result. This enables us to develop new high-precision surgical procedures that are currently impossible.”

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Tom van Mulken, a plastic surgeon at Maastricht UMC+ and co-founder of Microsure, adds: “In recent months, Microsure’s system has already been successfully used in a first clinical trial with 8 microsurgical operations for lymphoedema at Maastricht UMC+.”

According to Tom Schwarz, General Partner at Innovation Industries, Microsure is changing the way microsurgery is performed. “The investment in Microsure follows our successful collaboration with TU/e, one of our partner institutes. The Microsure system will make complex operations easier.”

The Eindhoven University of Technology and the Maastricht UMC+ were at the cradle of Microsure’s development. “The investment of Innovation Industries shows the value and potential of the research done at the TU/e in the field of medical robotics,” says Sonja Vos, director of TU/e Holding.