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Michelin, known for its car tyres, has developed an inflatable parasol designed to reduce urban heat. The parasol’s unique design allows it to cover large areas. The parasol is inflatable and therefore easy to install and move, making it particularly practical for urban areas, says NL Innovation & Entrepreneurship in France.

Impact on urban heat islands

Urban heat islands are areas in cities where the temperature is higher than in surrounding rural areas. This is caused by human activities and the presence of a lot of concrete and asphalt, which absorb and slowly release heat. These high temperatures can cause health problems and contribute to global warming.

Michelin’s inflatable parasol could be an effective solution to this problem. By covering large areas, the umbrella could significantly reduce the temperature and thus contribute to countering the heat island effect. This could improve the quality of life of city dwellers and reduce the impact of cities on global warming.

The future of urban cooling

The inflatable parasol is an exciting innovation, but it is just one of many solutions being explored to make cities cooler. Other ideas include planting more trees, constructing green roofs and using cooler building materials.